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You can’t judge a book by its colour

Topsham Bookshop


From the archive

A few images, hopefully to amuse, from my digital archive.

This one was submitted to Private Eye for the 60th anniversary of Alan Turing’s untimely death, but was turned down for reasons unspecified:


This one wasn’t submitted:

Margaret Thatcher Falling Asleep at Conference

The largest mobile phone I have ever seen:


The irony….


This aural equipment shop in Plymouth should be renamed…


… as Armada Hearing

A Game of Trumps

This from the verso of the title page of the UK 1st edition of A Game of Thrones:


The Android’s Dream

Following on from steamporn, here is a droidporn reference from a bookstore price label:

Sci-Fi meets Porn

With apologies to John Scalzi and thanks to Dave Langford’s Ansible News.

The Engineer’s Dream

I couldn’t resist posting a scan of this piece of ephemera that I acquired many years ago. A certain rugby song comes to mind.