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Our eBay Shop is closing

We have decided to close our eBay shop as the fees for our subscription level are being increased by almost 44% as of 30th March 2017 and we are not convinced that the additional features being offered are worth the cost. In addition, eBay are making other changes impacting small sellers such as ourselves which we feel are just plain wrong.

We will continue to sell via eBay, but we will remove all of the fixed price items over the next couple of months and use only auction-style listings going forward.

All of those former eBay fixed price items are available in our store at AbeBooks (please follow the link included under the EARTHBORN BOOKS SALES CHANNELS section in the right hand column of this page)  and we intend to continue to increase our stock level on that platform.


From the archive

A few images, hopefully to amuse, from my digital archive.

This one was submitted to Private Eye for the 60th anniversary of Alan Turing’s untimely death, but was turned down for reasons unspecified:


This one wasn’t submitted:

Margaret Thatcher Falling Asleep at Conference

The largest mobile phone I have ever seen:


The irony….


This aural equipment shop in Plymouth should be renamed…


… as Armada Hearing