Monthly Archives: November 2011

Welcome to the Earthborn Books Blog

This blog will, in the main, be about books. Reading them, buying them, selling them, loving them, hating them, giving them, receiving them – you get the idea.

But also it will be about the day-to-day existence of a bookaholic. I will try to understand my own actions through writing about books within the wider context of my life, work and travels. I am certain to veer off into some subjects that are totally unrelated to books; the odd contentious rant or two is sure to be forthcoming, and for these, I beg tolerance even if forgiveness is not possible, but you will also find humour, reminiscences and dreams creeping into the posts.

I have no plans to post here every day. Depending upon my circumstances, there may be long gaps between posts. We will see what transpires.

Please be patient whilst I become accustomed to WordPress, and feel free to respond to my posts.

Update May 2016:

Well, I did say that there could be long gaps between posts, but I must admit that 5 years is excessive. I had hoped to become a full-time bookseller when I first registered with WordPress in 2011, but I ended up doing more IT systems work and that meant being away from home with all of the distractions that involves and so the bookselling was set aside. Now though, it is full-time, so read on…